Dear Community Members,

We are requesting existing members (who have already paid their membership fees) to use the following Google Form to submit your information for participation in the election process. Effective immediately, for any new BAP membership for 2023, it is mandatory to submit the required information via the Google Form and make the necessary payment through Zelle to the BAP account to qualify for registered membership. Upon fulfillment of these two requirements (submission of Google Form and Zelle Payment), BAP will upload the names of new registered members on the BAP website. Membership fees are non-refundable.

As per Election Commission, You can renew your membership by November 29, 2023. As outlined in the BAP constitution, only registered members are eligible to participate in voting.

Our Patrons

Khan Islam

Membership Fees & Forms

Membership Fee: 
Adult (18+) : Minimum $25  & Student (18+): $10
to be paid by Zelle or Check.

Methods of Payment

By Zelle (Preferred) : 

Zelle using the email address “[email protected]” & account name as “Bangladesh Association of Phoenix”. You can do only one Zelle for all the members for whom you want to submit the membership. In that case, please include one member’s full name and the first names of the other members in the Memo section.

By Check : 
You can pay the total amount for all of your household family members. Please include one member’s full name and the first names of the other members in the Memo section. Check should be payable to “BAP”. If you are mailing the check please send it to:
Hamid Kazi;
3961 S Granite Drive, Chandler AZ 85286

Current Paid Members 2023

Paid Members 2022