Membership Fee/Donation:


Dear Community Members, 

Welcome to 2023! Happy New Year! On behalf of Bangladesh Association of Phoenix (BAP), we would like to express our deepest gratitude and sincere appreciation for your continued support. Without your help, we would not be able to expand our community; you enable us to do what we do. You have been a member for a full year, 2022, since then, your membership has allowed us to carry out a wide range of events, including: develop a community database using the Census, organize BAP Eid Mela & Band Show, Consular Service, Musical Evening (সঙ্গীত সন্ধ্যা), AAAA (Arizona Asian American Association), Asian Festival  in Chandler, Annual Theater & Cultural Evening, and বিজয় মেলা এবং পিঠা উৎসব.

Additionally, over the year 2023, we will continue focusing on services to the community and plan to accomplish a few events by April 2023, including MLK Day for Feed My Starving Children,  SBF Arizona Annual Event, ভাষা দিবস, BAP Olympics, BAP Picnic, স্বাধীনতা দিবস, পহেলা বৈশাখ and Consular Services. Throughout 2023, there will be various other community events.


As you are aware, in addition to our volunteer work, each event requires us to pay for a venue, food, and other logistical needs in order to make it a success. We require your assistance to cover such huge costs. We rely heavily on your annual subscription to continue work on cultural, sports, academic events, community services and charity works.


We kindly request you to join the BAP as a new member or renew your current membership by January 31, 2023. Once we receive your membership subscription, BAP will send you a membership acknowledgement email and publish your name to the membership list on the BAP website: Your membership is very important to us, please pay your membership and retain access to BAP membership benefits:


– Reduced fee for selected programs

– Voting rights for BAP elections

Membership Fee: Minimum $25 per adult (18+) & Student: $10 (18+) to be paid by Zelle or Check.

Our Patrons

Kazi Hossain

Methods of Payment

By Zelle (Preferred) : 

Zelle using the email address “[email protected]” & account name as “Bangladesh Association of Phoenix”. You can do only one Zelle for all the members for whom you want to submit the membership. In that case, please write each member’s name and/or email address in the Memo section.

* To enter email address in the memo please add that in parenthesis, e.g., (<name>

By Check:
You can pay the total amount for all of your household family members. Please add a list with names and email of each of the persons for whom you are seeking membership. Check should be payable to “BAP”.

If you are mailing the check please send it to:
Hamid Kazi
2652 N 143rd Dr
Goodyear, AZ-85395