Miles Concert & Eid Reunion

Forty years ago Bangladesh was in her childhood, still reeling from the devastating effects of a war of independence. Music was one of those many aspects of life the people of Bangladesh were trying to rediscover themselves in. The band Miles was formed in that nascent environment. Their epic journey is still going on after four decades and stronger than ever before. Many bands came and went, but Miles endured the test of time and prevailed with generations of fans because of the uniqueness and innovative nature of their music.

Miles is one of the outstanding pioneers of infusing western rhythm & blues, rock and many other genres in traditional Bangladeshi music. Very few groups were as successful as Miles to do it with such grace, beauty and quality!

We, the Bangladeshi Community living in Phoenix, Arizona, are proud to be part of Miles’s forty-year anniversary world tour. 
All of us are supercharged and can hardly wait to to see Miles performing in our city in July.