Membership Fee/Donation:

Dear Community members, 

Another new year has come, and we are hoping and praying for all of you to have wonderful, prosperous and healthy lives with your family.  As we enter 2022, we would like to request you to renew BAP membership and pay the fee. Since the pandemic started (in 2020) we couldn’t collect any membership fees or raise funds. During the last two years BAP has sponsored several online events, arranged two consular events and paid donations to several community organizations. BAP will run out of funds very soon, if community members do not come forward  to renew and pay for membership. In addition, a generous donation to the BAP account is also much appreciated.

Membership Fee: Minimum $25 per adult (18+) paid by Zelle or Check.

Our Patrons

Khan Islam

Methods of Payment

By Zelle (Preferred) : 

Zelle using the email address “” & account name as “Bangladesh Association of Phoenix”. Please do one Zelle for each member with name and email address written in the Memo section.

* To enter email address in the memo please add that in parenthesis, e.g., (<name>

By Check:
You can pay the total amount for all of your household family members. Please add a list with names and email of each of the persons for whom you are seeking membership. Check should be payable to “BAP”.

If you are mailing the check please send it to:
Hamid Kazi
2652 N 143rd Dr
Goodyear, AZ-85395