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February 19, 2022

Consular Event was a Great Success!! Thank you All!

A Note of Gratitude:

 Dear Community Members,
Thank you very much for participating in the “Consular Event” and making it a success!
We offer our sincere apologies if you had to face some unforeseen challenges while getting the services. All the volunteers and visiting officials from the BD consulate in Los Angeles tried their best.
We are greatly indebted to ICEV (Islamic Center of East Valley) for their generosity. They were very kind to let us use their premises and facilities for this purpose.
We are hoping to see more community collaborations and engagements like this one in near future.
Best Regards,
Bangladesh Association of Phoenix
Executive Committee, 2018-Present

Upcoming Attractions!!!

Consular Services

December 4 , 2021

Venue: ICEV (Islamic Center of East Valley)

We are very happy to get tremendous response from our community members for this event. Consulate officials will be coming to Phoenix to serve you this weekend. Face mask is mandatory to enter the premises of ICEV.

A humble request to all: please update your BAP membership for this year with a nominal fee of $25 per family. Any additional donation is highly appreciated. There are quite a few maintenance costs that are absolutely necessary to sustain this cost-efficient organization, even in a period of global pandemic. 

Please show up if you have already signed up. The table below indicates time slots as well.

Please let us know if you have questions. Email address:  Looking forward to see you there.

For general information about the required documents for the services  you seek please go to the consulate website or call them directly. (

Some community members are facing issues in accessing online NVR form on the consulate website. We contacted the consulate office and confirmed that their website is down temporarily. They also mentioned that these problems are usually resolved in a day or so. We would advise our members to keep checking since online submission is necessary for the application. If it is not fixed by the time they are here, please use the download button below to print a hard copy of the form (Same for NVR & MRV). Other downloadable forms can be accessed on the consular website.   


Participant Name TimeSerial
Muntaha Islam10am to 11am1
Shaikh Ferdouse Shams10am to 11am2
Biswajit Saha10am to 11am3
Jafar Sadeq10am to 11am4
Ashek Rana10am to 11am5
Sarker Rahman10am to 11am6
Yasmin Rabbani10am to 11am7
Manash Maitra10am to 11am8
Masud Khondker10am to 11am9
Rakib Ahmed10am to 11am10
Rashed Hoque10am to 11am11
Ibtesam Salahuddin10am to 11am12
Khasru Lasker10am to 11am13
Mohammad Anwar10am to 11am14
Md Salahuddin10am to 11am15
Noor sarwar10am to 11am16
Saad Shaheed10am to 11am17
Ashfaq10am to 11am18
Rahnuma Mahjabin10am to 11am19
Plabon Hossain10am to 11am20
Nabeeha Islam10am to 11am21
Shafiqul Islam11am to 12pm22
Ahsan Habib11am to 12pm23
Sohal Mahmud 11am to 12pm24
Kamrun Nahar Babli11am to 12pm25
Md Shoel Mahmud 11am to 12pm26
Tahiya Alam11am to 12pm27
Md Ibrahim Faisal11am to 12pm28
Ani Bashar11am to 12pm29
Tareef Zeesan11am to 12pm30
Mamun Monsoor11am to 12pm31
Shamsul Wazed11am to 12pm32
Ahsana Rahman 11am to 12pm33
Aminur Rahman11am to 12pm34
Rahela Farooque11am to 12pm35
Sultan Uddin11am to 12pm36
Amirul Rajib11am to 12pm37
Firoz Ahmed11am to 12pm38
Ronnie Choudhury 11am to 12pm39
Nusrat Mollik11am to 12pm40
Ashfaque Shafique11am to 12pm41
Raj1pm to 2pm42
Rubayat1pm to 2pm43
Anika Kazi1pm to 2pm44
Nazmun Kazi 1pm to 2pm45
Tariq M Nasim1pm to 2pm46
Farzana Boby1pm to 2pm47
Ishteak Hossain1pm to 2pm48
Quazi T Alam1pm to 2pm49
MD EHSANUL HOQUE1pm to 2pm50
Farid Siddique1pm to 2pm51
Shaikh A Shams (Nirjhar)1pm to 2pm52
SHAMIM KAZI1pm to 2pm53
Hasan Mushtaq1pm to 2pm54
Naveed Ahmed1pm to 2pm55
Hafijur Rahman1pm to 2pm56
Arif Alam1pm to 2pm57
khatib Rahman1pm to 2pm58
Sufi Ahmed1pm to 2pm59
Mohamme Shamim Newaz1pm to 2pm60
Asif Hasan & Shabnam Tuhin 1pm to 2pm61
Shamina akther1pm to 2pm62
MD Assaduzzaman1pm to 2pm63
Abu Anas/Mujaheed 3pm to 4pm64
Mokarrom Hye3pm to 4pm65
Syed Bari Riyadh3pm to 4pm66
Mohammad Siddiq3pm to 4pm67
Jahangir Alam3pm to 4pm68
Md Jalal Ikram3pm to 4pm69
Rezaur Rahman3pm to 4pm70
Saif Adnan Choudhury3pm to 4pm71
Mahfuza Sarker3pm to 4pm72
Fayaan Kabir3pm to 4pm73
Md Al Mamun3pm to 4pm74
Monir3pm to 4pm75
Quyyum Sarker3pm to 4pm76
Noyon kumar saha3pm to 4pm77

See you there


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