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Bangladesh Association of Phoenix (BAP) is a non-profit socio-cultural organization of Bangladeshis living in the Valley. Since its inception in 1986, this association has been serving the greater Phoenix community. The association aims to maintain a close bond between Bangladeshis living here and present a picture of Bangladesh in this multicultural society of Phoenix.  BAP arranges cultural programs, social gatherings, and annual picnics to celebrate different occasions. The association steps up in times of emergency, and is involved in charity activities, whether it is here in the United States of America or back home in Bangladesh.

The Association’s Board of Directors headed by the President, is elected for a two-year term. Current Board of Directors assumed their position in April, 2018. The annual membership fee per family for the association is $25.00.Despite resource limitations, BAP is actively considering various options to find ways to benefit its members.  Beside regular social events, BAP at the moment has focused on some charitable activities and its website project in linking its members and share information for mutual benefits.

Board of Directors

BAP is a cosponsor of today's event: Victory Day Celebration

স্বাধীনতার সকল শহীদ আর আত্মত্যাগী প্রাণের প্রতি বিনম্র শ্রদ্ধা !

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Noor Jamil Sarwar